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Science-based Culture Design

Science: neuroscience of conversations + social sciences on resilience, restorative justice, and conflict transformation

Culture: A pattern of behaviors and norms

Design: a methodical process of creation that is grounded in human experience and collective intelligence

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Roadmap to Transforming Culture

Whether you are a leader wanting growth, a part of a team looking to get unstuck, or a collaborative visualizing bold new social contracts, the roadmap includes 5 phases: assessment, aspiration inventory, asset mapping, action design, and alignment check. 

The difference in the Samai process is the 6th A, which is AIR for breathing into hard and stubborn places, whenever identified and necessary. The length and linearity of the journey depends on how much tension exists and how committed to being brave everyone involved is. Skill building may be necessary to get unstuck.

Embracing the idea of dynamic navigation is your first step toward bravery. 

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