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The work around conflict is confidential. For general examples go here.

In addition to post conflict culture work, I can help establish preventative and proactive team habits through

  • Workshops and role plays around feedback, values, conflict, cultural humility, trust, adaptive change, inclusion, dominant culture, and more 

  • Designs for meaningful and productive staff retreats that stack multiple functions

  • Custom coaching pathways with a systems lens (ie: wide angle empathy, change leverage points, circle of competence, network leadership, managing up, feedback safe culture, mentorship, micro-inclusions, and more)

  • Safe and brave conversations using a combination of Dare to Lead, Neuroscience of Conversations, circle process, dialogue and mediation frameworks, embodied practices, and experiential learning

  • Dream and vision space for social impact leaders to heal and shape, rather than only fixing what's broken​, to "build as you fight"

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Hello. We’re for leaders and organizations
committed to social healing

Make Your Dreams Come True

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