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Brave New Us


Organizations become more agile, resilient, and equitable by consistently choosing courage over comfort, and connection over othering. Using neuro and social sciences, Samai Group designs culture for social transformation.

Clifftop Yoga

Culture Transformation

Deep engagement with the 6As Process (Assessment, Aspirations, Assets, Action, Alignment, Air) for committed culture transformation

Dare to Lead Certification

16 hour trainings to certify participants as Dare to Lead practitioners

1 on 1 Coaching

Leadership development around conflict engagement and other culture challenges through guided reflection sessions


1-4 hour interactive engagements on inclusion-minded communication skills and conflict engagement skills

System Mapping

Create an easy to reference visual tool by collaboratively mapping relationships, power, institutions, root causes, and places of transformative intervention


Assess the level of trust, creative freedom, and brave conversations skills your team, organization, or collaborative has through C-IQ and other science based tools


30-60 minute summary presentations about justice, brave making, and leadership to inspire attendees toward unapologetic courage in service to life

Each 1 Teach 1

(Coming soon) Powerful cohort learning space to level up embodied skills by workshopping and debriefing brave conversations with peers



Explore leadership development, culture design, or justice work with a brave lens.